Introducing Tameeni

Tameeni allows customers to instantly compare, buy, or renew insurance from a large network of insurance providers. The platforms have automated KYC through data verification partners like ELM and Najm, making the insurance process fast, easy, and convenient.

How Tameeni works

Enter Your Details

Select insurance quotation

Pay For the policy

Done, Enjoy!

Tameeni offers for the partnering insurance companies: 

Higher acquisition

A wider pool of buyers

Instant policy issuances

Our Insurance offering

Tameeni Motor

Tameeni Motor dramatically changed KSA’s insurance industry by reducing the time it took to purchase and activate a policy from two days to two minutes.

Offering a simple B2C digital platform, Tameeni Motor gives vehicle owners direct and instant access to motor insurers. The platform empowers customers with making informed decisions about their coverage while also saving them time and money.

Due to its pioneering solution, integrating with 23+ vehicle insurance providers and serving thousands of people every day, Tameeni Motor quickly became the biggest player in KSA’s insurance market.

Tameeni SME Health

Tameeni SME Health drastically simplified the process for SMEs as well as insurers with its fully automated and user-friendly platform.

The platform enables SMEs to easily compare, purchase, renew, or change health insurance for employees and their dependents from a network of over 15 top insurance providers.

Sponsored by Monsha’at, the kingdom’s SME General Authority, Tameeni SME Health has established a strong presence for itself among SMEs, becoming their go-to for all health insurance needs.

Tameeni MMP

Medical malpractice insurance serves as a critical shield against liabilities arising from potential patient complications. With Tameeni's expertise in aggregating top insurance solutions, we present an automated platform that simplifies MMP for practitioners. Whether accessed via web or mobile, users benefit from a seamless journey — from policy comparison to selection, payment, and immediate issuance.

Endorsed by leading entities and built upon Tameeni's reputation for excellence, our MMP solution is poised to become the preferred choice for medical professionals across Saudi Arabia. As with Tameeni SME Health, expect nothing less than unparalleled user experience and industry-leading service.

Other Tameeni products

Tameeni plans to expand into other retail insurance products, such as Travel, Home, Medical Malpractice and Life. Until then, as a technology-driven innovator, Tameeni continues to empower people and businesses with the clarity to make smarter decisions.

Tameeni Milestone

Our robust ecosystem of digital solutions has been a game changer for KSA’s motor and insurance markets, steering them into the digital age.



1ST KSA motor Insurance aggregator established

Tameeni Motor insurance Aggregator designed and conceptualized by Rasan went live on 1st Nov 2017


Comprehensive established

Launched Tameeni motor Comprehensive


Tameeni SME Health

Launched Tameeni motor Comprehensive


TREZA For Bank and leasing companies

Launched Tameeni motor Comprehensive


Unique value propositions


Customers can instantly receive and compare quotes, saving them a substantial amount of time in the insurance process.


Having integrated with most of KSA’s insurance providers, customers have access to a wide range of offers and options.


Tameeni ensures a straightforward, clear, and transparent process with its seamless user experience, relieving customers from unnecessary complexity.


Data integrity values, automated KYC checks, and trusted payment gateways are some of the ways that make Tameeni platforms safe and secure.